About Pencilneck’s Search Engine Optimization Services

Pencilneck SEO Services is your all in one stop for top notch online marketing services from professionals who know how to get you results. In today’s world, you need to have a strong online presence, but it’s not enough to just have a good looking website and great content that shows visitors you know what you’re talking about. You also need to get found.

If they already know your name, they’re probably already your customer. Getting new customers, ramping up your business, and getting more word of mouth referrals from new satisfied clients all starts with getting found and that starts with fantastic online marketing services, like the kind provided by Pencilneck SEO.

Video Creation Services
There was a time when reading was the ultimate form of entertainment, and famous authors were the equivalent of rock stars and movie stars combined. Then came radio, and TV, and reading fell back as a favorite form of content. The same thing is happening online with videos becoming more and more popular in every format.

Do you have a professionally shot and created video for your website? Do you have a professional business YouTube channel set up? You will need to build one up with multiple videos that showcase your expertise and for claiming top page spots in Google! Video creation doesn’t have to be a frightening process when you have our professionals on your side!

Your Video Marketing Specialists
Why have only one video when you could dive right into the world of video marketing? Video is an exceptionally powerful tool for quickly building trust with customers, positioning yourself in the local search results as an authority, and helps with your SEO campaigns all at the same time – and those are just the additional bonuses that come with running a quality video marketing campaign!

We will look at your market, your preferred target audience, and help figure out the absolute best process for creating the types of videos that will drive traffic and turn those views into real life customers for you and your business.

General SEO Services
We love seeing how happy our clients get when their website shoots up the search engine ranking pages and how the money flows in with new customers as a result. Search engine optimization is a critical part of any online presence, and while some companies can only offer good on page work, or good off page work, we offer the full array of services for our customers at affordable rates that won’t break the bank.

Just a small sample of our SEO services include:
– On page SEO
– Off page SEO
– Building reputation
– Building online authority
– Providing high-quality original content
– Video marketing tied into SEO practices
– Reputation recovery & repair

On Page SEO
There is no question that on page SEO is more important than ever after recent updates from Google. The smallest mistakes on your website like not paying attention to title tags, over-spamming keywords, not having alt tags, and just having stilted or uninspiring content can have devastating effects on where your website ranks. These details matter immensely, and we will make sure your pages are perfectly optimized so that you can get the floods of traffic that you need for your business to absolutely thrive.

We want your website to be the online salesperson for your business, and by properly optimizing it you will start pulling in serious traffic that then visits a useful site which puts them directly in contact with you. Once those phone calls start pouring in you’ll know it’s working.

Off Page SEO
Off page SEO, is often baffling to non-professionals, and this is where things can go very wrong if you don’t hire real professionals who stay absolutely up to date on all the changes that so often take place in the search world. From building reputation and authority to finding high-quality contextual backlinks that help push you past the competition in your particular field, we know how to fight to get you to those precious top of page one rankings that you truly want and need if your business is going to explode.

We have the connections, the talented writers, and the firm understanding of what makes a good or bad backlink, and what builds a reputation online versus tearing it down, and because of that our professionals can make sure your website gets the solid boost that your business deserves.

Building Reputation & Authority
When it comes to building reputation and authority, many people don’t even know where to begin. However, we understand what Google and other search engines are looking for, and we know how to build your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy website online while also making you an online authority in your niche. This is the sweet spot that businesses must hit with their online marketing efforts, and far too many fall short.

We can take care of the online reviews that are hurting your reputation and work on building up an array of perfect positive rankings, your reputation matters. Setting yourself up as a trusted authority in your field is the next step, and these two go hand in hand. If you have a strong reputation and high authority, you will eventually rank at the top.

And we’re the SEO service that is going to get you there!

Tying Multiple Programs Together
You don’t have to choose just one online marketing service or another. Many of the best campaigns work because they are mixing SEO and ranking on multiple fronts. They are taking advantage of video marketing, and social media for building authority and trust in the SEO world, and getting their name out there all at the same time.

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Why Pencilneck SEO?
Never settle for second-rate service or results. We believe in providing the absolute best in online search engine optimization (SEO) services and online marketing. You will appreciate our dedication to getting your business to the top of those rankings and helping your business thrive no matter what economic environment the nation is going through. When you’re at the top of Google – you’re doing just fine regardless!

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