So, Why Are Google Reviews Important?

Google reviews are important chiefly because Google is nearly always the first place people go online when they want to find a local service.

If you are a local business proprietor, you most likely have a Google Maps listing. And hopefully, you have claimed and verified it.

Suppose you are looking for a quick lube in your city or perhaps you are preparing for a long road trip and you know you will need to change out the oil and filter at some point during your trip.

There is an excellent chance that you will go online and search for the service you require.

Now, there is also a good chance that there will be many businesses that show up in the results delivered to your device.

Some of these businesses will have no ratings at all, and some will have 1 to 3 stars while other stores will have 4 and 5-star ratings.

Now tell me.

Which location are you most likely to visit?

Do you even read the reviews, or Do you just look at the star rating?

In some cases, a consumer may even consider the location with 0 stars a safer choice than the business with a 1 to 3-star rating.

“No news is good news.” Right?

People read reviews now, more than ever, and this trend is not going to stop.

How Can I Get Google Reviews For My Business?

The best way to get Google reviews is by asking for them.

And make sure your business is verified so you can interact with the review posters.

By politely replying not only to the negative reviews but the positive ones as well you are showing your potential and current clients that you are a business that cares and is respectful.

However, the key to getting Google reviews is simply asking and asking and asking and asking…

Train your employees (at checkout) to always ask your customer to leave an honest review of the service you provided for them on your Google Maps Listing.

And if you are serious about growing the number of 4 and 5 star Google reviews your business has then you need to be diligent in your efforts.

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How Do I Increase Google Reviews?

You buy my 30 day Google Reviews Building System, and you will increase your positive Google reviews.

Other than using a system like mine, you need to have your employees consistently ask your customers for an honest G review.

Every day, every customer, ask them to leave a review on your Google Maps Business Listing.

But, if you want Google reviews for free then you need to make sure you are always asking your customers to leave the review.

That is pretty much the only way to increase your Google reviews.

Keep asking and asking and asking.

Or, buy a system that will help increase your efforts.

How Do I Generate Quality Google Reviews?

You pretty much will have to train your employees to ask each and every one of your customers for an honest Google maps review.

When this is done consistently, you will build up some quality reviews.

But, the biggest problem with this method is that when your customer walks out the door, they forget about you.

And never go and post the review they said they would.

Some will, but, most will not.

So, you just need to be consistently asking your customers to leave reviews.

That is how you get quality Google reviews. (Keep asking.)

How Can I Remove Bad Reviews From My Google Business Listing?

The best thing you can do is reply to the negative reviewer.

Find out what the issue is and then offer a solution.

Is it going to be possible to make this customer happy?

Just reply and see if there is anything that you can do to make them feel valued as a customer.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be made happy.

So some of these people will not be willing to revise their review.

Another thing you can do to make your business look extra caring is, reply to all of the reviews people leave for you.

Thank your happy customers and engage with their reviews.

You could look like the friendliest place in town.

Taking care of your Google reputation should be a concern for all local business owners.

So, I recommend that you start by consistently asking your customers to leave an honest review for you on Google Local Listing.

The more often you ask (ordinarily at checkout) your clients, the more likely they will go online and say something nice about your business.

Consistently asking your customers for the Google Maps reviews will also help combat the occasional negative comment.

Happy customers ordinarily don’t think about leaving reviews.

I mean when was the last time that you picked up some take out, they got the order right, it was waiting for you when you arrived, it was still hot when you got it home, and it was good as usual, then you said to yourself “I should leave them a nice Google review”?

Now imagine that your order was wrong and cold and there was a long wait time.

The unhappy customer is far more likely to go and post an online review.

So you need to start planting the Google Reviews Seeds.

Remind your clients that it would mean a lot to you and your business if they would take two minutes to go online and leave some honest feedback.

Keep asking for the review, and they will start popping up.

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What Can A Business Do About False Google Reviews?

The best thing you can do is reply to the comment poster.

Address their concern and offer a solution.

Acknowledge any mistakes that may have been made and offer to make it right with the unhappy reviewer.

If the review is obnoxious and rude, you may have to state what really happened, but, don’t get nasty with them.

Always respond to your negative reviews in such a way that you seem like you care about your customers and value their business.

You may not be able to make everyone happy and get them to revise their review, But, your potential and current review readers will see what kind of business you are through how you handle your reviewers.

It is also beneficial if you reply to your good reviews as well.

Thank your happy customers, and they will love that you engage with them.

Plus, it will help you to look like the nicest business.

If you are not actively asking your customers to leave an honest review of your service on your Google Maps business listing, then you are more than likely going to end up with with a low star rating.

That is because when you don’t ask your customers to leave a Google maps review for your business, the customers who feel you provided lousy service are going to be the majority of your reviews.

Mad customers like leaving reviews, as where the happy customers usually won’t even think about it.

If you are not planting the positive Google Reviews Seeds, then your dissatisfied customers are going to be the majority of the review posters.

The key to growing your Google Reviews is to be diligent in asking for the review.

Every time you have a customer at the checkout you need to ask them to leave an honest Google review.

What’s The Best Way To Remove Google Reviews?

The best way to get a bad Google review removed is by replying to the review poster.

Address their concern and offer a solution.

Always positively reply to your negative reviews.

Always present yourself in a positive light, even to the rudest customers.

Find out what you can do to make your customer happy.

Often just by reaching out to the dissatisfied patron and offering to make it right, they will revise their negative review.

Make them feel happy and appreciated.

Of course, not all customers want to be happy, so some bad reviews are to be expected.

So, to help combat the occasional bad review, you need to be consistently inviting your customers to leave an accurate review on your Google Maps listing.

How Do I Improve Google Reviews?

The only way to improve your Google reviews is by, asking your customers to leave you an honest review of the service you provided them.

At the checkout, your employees need to be asking every one of your clients to “please leave us a review on our Google Maps Listing”.

And it helps to provide exceptional service.

Nobody is perfect so you can expect to get some negative reviews left on your listing.

But, the reason you need to be consistently asking for the review is that people forget.

They say they will, but, then they don’t.

And, typically, angry customers are going to be much more likely to go and post a review. (Without being asked.)

So, you need to be asking all of your customers all day every day to please leave the review.

Persistently asking should get you enough positive reviews to dilute any bad reviews left.

Plant that seed!

Keep in mind that satisfied customers have no reason to leave a review.

Typically we all expect to have a satisfactory experience wherever we go.

Ecstatic customers are a little harder to come by but are far more likely to post a good review just to let people know.

Quality service alone will not get you the reviews.

The happy customers (unless prompted) will most likely go about their day, without ever thinking once about leaving a positive review for adequate service they received during their day.

But, The Angry Customer will want to get even or just get the word out that they were let down by Business X.

When you do get a negative Google review, simply reply to the comment poster and acknowledge the mistake (if any) and offer a solution.

See if it is possible to make your client happy.

Frequently if you make an effort and rectify the situation, the reviewer will revise the initial post.

Another, tactic to help a business look extra caring is to comment on your positive reviews as well.

Thank the reviewers and let them know how much you appreciate their patronage.

The people who left these reviews will get a little extra boost of joy when you recognize them publicly.

And not only that but, anyone else who is comparing reviews is going to see what a nice and friendly business you operate.

How Does The Quantity Of Google Reviews Influence Rankings In Google’s Search Results?

There are many factors that determine your position in the SERPs.

And I feel that Google reviews at the moment are not a huge ranking factor.

I feel that quality backlinks are still the primary driving factor for climbing to the top of Page One.

But, that is not all.

Quality content of 1,500 words or more enhanced with images and video also contribute to pg one rankings.

Have you switched over to HTTPS yet? (another contributing factor)

Bounce rate (how fast someone leaves your site) is another factor which in some cases could also be directly connected with how fast your website pages load.

Both are ranking factors.

Although, I do believe that one day Google will be increasing the importance of Google Maps Reviews in the algorithm at least for local rankings.

But today, I am not seeing consistent results in regards to the sheer volume of Google reviews and the placement in the SERPs or the Google Local Snack Pack.

Although, if you are a local business owner You Should Consider making every effort to build up your Google Business Listing Reviews.

Every time your customer is checking out make sure you ask for the review.

If you are not asking for a Google review, your first reviews will quite likely be negative.

I do feel that having plenty of positive Google reviews will give you a better chance of gaining new customers.

Research has alway been one of those things that we do.

We call around and find the best price.

We ask our friends who they trust.

In the good old days, we even used something called a phone book.

It was made from paper, and all the businesses were listed alphabetically and categorically.

Businesses would be able to buy ad space to capture more customers or pick a name that starts with A.

But, now we don’t need to ask our friends or read a book.

We hop on the Big G, and we are instantly presented with all of our options complete with public opinions and directions.

So, I don’t think that Google Reviews make a huge difference when it comes to search rankings.

But, I Do Believe they make a huge difference when it comes to choosing which local business to use.

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How Many Google Reviews Can Someone Leave?

How many Gmail accounts do you have?

You can post one review with each account.

If you intend on leaving multiple reviews for a particular business, make sure each review is unique.

Don’t use the exact same review multiple times.

There is a chance that duplicates won’t stick.

If you are interested in what constitutes a legitimate review according to The Big G Check out this link:

Review policies – Google My Business Help

But, if you believe in the honor system, one person should only leave one review, per location.

Keep in mind that you can adjust your ratings willy nilly whenever you feel like it.

Why Do Some Google Reviews Get Posted And Then Disappear?

Log in to your Google Business account:

Make sure your business is still verified.

Read Google’s Review Policies:

Do you think any of the missing reviews fell into one of these categories?

There is also a fairly common Google Maps Bug.

To remedy this glitch, you will need to log in to your business acct.

Then go to the maps and edit the little pin icon.

Wiggle it around a bit and then save.

That should fix the bug related issue.

There are tons of reasons a review could disappear.

Everything from someone changing their account privacy settings to deletion of their account.

Even Google’s algorithm for determining spam could be at fault.

But, the key takeaway here should be, don’t sweat it.

Google reviews are kind of like link building.

Not everyone is going to leave the link up forever, and not all of them are going to stick.

Some people will change their mind and remove their review or even edit it.

Reviews will fall off over time, and the Almighty Google will delete some.

So, unless All of your reviews disappeared, you are likely just experiencing the organic nature of Google reviews.

How Are The “Most Helpful” Comments Ranking Calculated On Google’s Review?

I am pretty sure it has to do with the number of thumbs up review readers leave per individual review.

However, Google states:

“Your score is calculated from user ratings and a variety of other signals to ensure that the overall score best reflects the quality of the establishment.”

Many SEOs believe that Google uses something called a Bayesian Average.

Is It Possible For Non-Google+ Or Gmail Users To Leave A Google Review?

Nope. You need a Google account in order to be able to post to Google.

Just like any platform, you will need to be logged in to post.

How Reliable Are Google’s Reviews?

It is true that people can leave bad reviews using fake identities.

All you need to leave a Google review is a Gmail account.

So, if you had 100 accounts, you could leave 100 reviews.

But, typically, the reviews will come from an actual customer of yours.

Although, depending on your business (e.g. quick lube), sometimes people will leave reviews for the wrong store on your listing.

Most people will not have more than two or three Gmails per household.

So, technically these reviews can be manipulated.

A very mad customer or disgruntled employee could go out of their way to make sure you get a ton of bad reviews.

But, for the most part, they can be a fairly fair estimation of a business’ standing.

Consider this.

Most people only go onto Google maps to post reviews when they are mad.

Unless you are actively asking your customers to leave you an honest review the chances are good that your first reviews will be bad.

And there is really nothing you can do about this.

You can make apologies through your Google account and try to make amends. Then maybe the customer will update the review.

But, other times you may just have to state your side of the story especially if you have a surprisingly antagonistic review poster. Some people are just deranged, and there will be nothing anyone can do about it.

Always try and be the better person when replying to your negative reviews.

But, also notice that some businesses have lots of glowing reviews and ratings of 4.7 or better.

These businesses understand the power of having a positive Google reputation.

Google reviews can be manipulated for a good as well.

If you train your staff to always ask your customers for a Google Review your chances of getting more reviews will increase big time.

But, you need to remain consistent in asking for the reviews.

I do believe that Google reviews are for the most part fairly reliable.

They are a good gauge.

But, you should still do your Due diligence.

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